ASFINAG network of highway rest areas

ASFINAG network of highway rest areas

On Austrian highways, we recommend using the ASFINAG car park network, which is clean, and quiet, with free WC and Wi-Fi internet.

In 2013 alone, €23,000,000 was invested in the construction of new rest areas along the main routes. Austria is trying to increase the attractiveness of the primary road network and provide passengers with a high level of comfort through a modern network of rest stops.

What will ASFINAG rest areas provide you?

  • Security: All areas are well-lit and monitored by a camera system
  • Comfort:
    • free of charge and we note a clean toilet
    • changing table
    • possibility to take a shower (for a fee of €1 / 15 min)
    • kid playground
    • a place to sit where, in addition to relaxing, you can comfortably eat your own food
    • a drinking water pump is also a matter of course
    • drinks machines, which are equipped with all rest areas
  • Free internet connection: wifi, whether you need to check the current situation on the road or just news, or possibly your mail, all this is available to you thanks to the free connection.

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